Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2- All Detailed Map View Of The City Including Legends

Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 is an adventure game developed by Ice-Pick Lodge and published by tinyBuild which has been released on 23 May 2019. All the story takes place in the Town of Gorkhon where the main protagonist is charged and suspected of murdering the important inhabitant of his native town.

The main protagonist named Haruspex who is a surgeon returned back to his native town when she received a letter and now escaping from the inhabitants who are constantly alarmed and hunting him. This survival horror game allows you to free-roam the town of Gorkhon sneaking around and proving his innocence.

The chief local healer has died and due to your medical experience and background, you will try to save the village from the plague which is engulfing the civilians at a given time. For that to become reality, you will need to survive where the harsh conditions and situations are making it difficult to make your brain obey your body. You have a limited time where you will need to make allies and get in the root of it by playing on their rules.

To be precise you can locate and find various items for your aid in the murderous town which will let you survive and solve the mystery. To make it easy we have provided all the Legends mentioned in the map to let you locate all the valuable collectibles when necessary. The image shown below marks all the important Legends which has been mentioned below the map for Pathologic 2.

Pathologic 2

  • Bread – Grocery
  • Bottle – Pharmacy
  • Needle – Clothes
  • Coins – Shop
  • Shovel – Herb Roots
  • Lock – Kid Chest

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