Cadence Of Hyrule

Cadence Of Hyrule- How To Unlock Yves With Deku Nuts

Cadence Of Hyrule

In Cadence Of Hyrule, you can unlock up to 4 playable characters which include Yves. To play with Yves, you will need Deku nuts which is essential whenever you feel to switch your character to Yves. Sheikah Stone is required whenever you want to switch your character on any time of the mission and stage.

The more character and variants you will have, the easier it would be to complete the game and defeat the final boss. There are main characters which are required to complete the story whereas Yves is completely an optional character. Though it’s an optional, who would miss the chance to unlock and not play another character which is none other than Yves.

How To Unlock Yves

To Unlock Yves in as a playable character you would specifically need to reach the Last Woods and have encountered Tingle along with Deku Nuts in your inventory. You must have encountered Tingle as he is the one who provides you with Dowser which is required to navigate in the Last Woods. Tingles would be hidden in a tree log door in the mini-game room where he would say that he wants Deku Nuts.

Whenever you will provide Deku Nuts to Tingle, he will trade you with “Yves – a Deku critter!” that is required to swap in Sheikah Stone to play with Yves. Yves is a transformation of Link which was included in Majora’s Mask that is available in the current game. You would be familiar with Deku Nuts as it is dropped in Forest areas by defeating those pesky nut throwing enemies. As you keep on collecting these Deku Nuts, you would like to trade it with Tingle to play as Yves. For more current guides on Cadence Of Hyrule, click the following link mentioned below:

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