Barotrauma- Stealth Traitor Guide And All Strategy


As my previous post of Barotrauma was based and all my attention was on saving people, why not focus on being a traitor and kill the members. In this guide, we will gonna explain what strategies you need to make to kill and get out without anyone suspecting you.

Strategies To Kill

There are various ways in which you can use several types of equipment and sabotage without getting noticed. Though there are some useful methods to stun the crew members, so that they can’s struggle and have any slim chance of getting out of your trap. Once you find your prey, never let it go.

Stun And Kill

You can stun by using a stun baton, though the sound is too loud. In water, the sound is still loud but not comparatively loud as on the ground. The best and stealth way to stun would be to use a Chloral Hydrate Syringe on the target to make them fall.

As you stun, simply kill the target fast in the open ocean, do not forget to take their ID so you can blend in the crowd. They don’t usually notice until you act suspiciously. In a motive of killing, you should either replace oxygen from their diving suit with welding fuel which will kill them in 5 seconds approx.

When they are in the water, you can take off their diving suit which will kill them in 3 seconds approx. You can even handcuff someone and drag them to underwater to let them drown. If they are not stunned, then others may be warned or get alert.


Sabotaging can be categorized into Lethal and Non-Lethal. Lethal sabotaging is which directly affects the health of the crew members. You can sabotage the oxygen supplies from the diving suit and hide those cylinders someplace where they don’t expect or search pretty often. You can even exchange oxygen cylinder to welding fuel which all comes under lethal.

Non-Lethal would be to distract and create confusion like hiding all the fuel rods and disrupting the power of the ship by moving the wires. Stop the ship from moving and using stealth, eliminate all the crew members. They will never know what hit them! For more guides on Barotrauma, click the link below the description:

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