Mordhau- How To Create Autoexec.cfg Command And Apply


Similar to the CSGO Autoexec.cfg, one can’t repeatedly enter commands in the console every single time when Mordhau launch. For the users who had issues and want to adjust visual commands and game commands, you can follow the simple steps which will last until the game is installed.

How To Enter Autoexec.cfg

  • First, open the Task Manager and select the first tab “File
  • Under “File“, click on “Run” or simply Press Win + R to open “Run” application.
  • Under “Run” Application, type “appdata” without the obvious quotes.
  • The file path would be “C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\Engine.ini
  • Go all the way to the WindowsClient and Right click on Engine.ini file to select Edit.
  • Running application file would open where you will need to write command from the new line.
  • On the very new line, you will need to type “[SystemSettings]” with no quotes.
  • Under “[SystemSettings]” type as much command you want to as you used to input in the console command.
  • The format for the command would be:



  • Finally, save the File
  • After saving the file, select the Properties of the file again and set it to “Read-only” so the file is not overwritten by the game.

For more guides on Mordhau, click the link below as mentioned:

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