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Albion Online- Beginner’s Guide For Fishing Areas

Albion Online

In Albion Online, fishing is one of the chilling and most preferred gathering methods which is quite troublesome at the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, you would be preferring the tense free lifestyle of fishing. In this guide, we have mentioned all the basics and important tips to remember to gather the resources more efficiently.

After the tutorial, you would be in the starting area in Albion where you can find several different resources. The most common in every area would be the water bodies where you can pass time and farm fish while taking a chill.

Firstly in Albion Online, you will need to purchase a fishing rod from the market or even you can craft it on your own with the help of tool maker depending on your choice. The bait might not be necessary but you can craft them too and cook meals too to increase your efficiency rate.

Fishing Spot

The most important part of the fishing is you will need to judge and differentiate where the fish breed and can be found in abundant. Shallow water through which you can walk is not the spot specifically whereas if the rivers and seas are too deep to walk then you have to find the spot.

Fishing in a single point would be the best way to capitalize as you will not have to roam around looking for different species but catching the whole single species which you were fishing. In higher tiers, you would need to change places as the interested individuals would try to rob your inventories.

Water Ripples

You will find there are three different nodes which you can fish from. You can have a maximum limit of 5 fish while being in a school of fish. The single peeking fish and waterlogged chest can be found in the damaged boats which are pretty rare.

The water ripples would be present in the water which indicates the best fishing spot and rare fish which will be available at the spot. Using Bait would be the best possibility to enhance your catching skills and the probability against these rare fishing spots.

Fishing at the spot without the water ripples would let you catch the common fish or resources. The fish bites are quite faster in the rippled water. Higher Tier areas are quite tempting as the fish qualities are too good but the PvP in these areas would let you wander from fishing spots to other fishing spots.

Fishing Techniques

You can keep the cursor over water where you want to throw your fishing line by left clicking and the longer you hold the mouse button, the further the line go. After throwing to the spot, wait patiently until a fish bites the hook.

The metallic sound and the splash on water verifies the fish has taken the bite and to catch it, you will need to click as soon as you hear the metallic sound. After performed correctly will let you play the minigame. The green bar indicates the place where you need to keep your bauble in. You can adjust it by holding the mouse button to move it from left to right and after releasing the click, it bounces back to the left.

The blue bar indicates the progress towards the fish catching success. Hold the mouse button to see the fish moving towards the right. Release the mouse to stop the progress and once the fish goes to the far right, you have caught your first fish.

You can cancel fishing in Albion Online by right-clicking the mouse or point the cursor over the land to avoid throwing in water. These fish can be sold in the market for extra silver or cook fish for your guildmate and friends.

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