Anno 1800

Anno 1800- Building Layouts Of Your Island

Anno 1800

In Anno 1800, the crucial function you need to remember while building a layout in your city might be to maximize productivity while minimizing the time spent on product transportation. Planning the layouts of your building and city will enhance your happiness and attract more tourist from all over the cities hence increasing your population and economy.

This guide is dedicated to how to create or plan such building layouts. Always try to exercise your creativity and create the easiest means of transportation without wasting up the space grid of an island.

Building Layouts

As mentioned you will need to minimize the vacant space and organize in such a manner that your all warehouse and buildings are connected to the road and railway tracks. This will enhance and fulfill the basic needs of your civilization. Residential areas must contain roads which should be connected to other important parts of your city.

Once you have planned to build residential buildings according to your choice, connect the roads to its nearby hospitals, fire stations, and police stations to provide all the safety and basic needs. You should also build a zoo or museum in specific colonies where your citizens might be able to visit those places to increase their happiness.

Industrial Layouts

For the industrial and farming purpose, you will need to design such layout where warehouse and roads would connect the production buildings and the distance between them should not be large. Mainly place your warehouse in the middle from where you can easily access it from the farm or factories.

The transportation speed will increase and you can even maintain and manage all these buildings easily. Therefore you can plan your own unique layouts while considering these to efficiently use your terrain. For more guides on Anno 1800, check the link below the description:

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