Apex Legends Pathfinder

Apex Legends- Pathfinder Abilities, Tips and Counters

Apex Legends Pathfinder

Pathfinder Guide

Difficulty Level: Medium

Pathfinder is a combination of support and DPS to whichever team he is on. He is a Terminator from the Future. He is able to hack into beacons to reveal the next ring that the map will form. This Legend is ideal for scouting ahead and lay out the terrain plan inside the safe zone. His mobility is exceptionally good and he can easily reach multiple vantage points with his grappling hook or close to enemies. His Zipline Gun is also great for getting teammates out of a sticky situation. He is a Legend for fun!

  • Insider Knowledge(Passive): Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring’s next location.
  • Grappling Hook(Tactical): Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly.
    (14sec cooldown)
  • Zipline Gun(Ultimate): Creates a zip line for everyone to use

His Passive ability is useful to track the next safe zone and those are indicated on the map. If you have well equipped yourself then try to rush the inner safe zone after using his Passive ability and wait to ambush. We recommend using weapons like Kraber, Triple Take, Longbow, Spitfire due to the playstyle and abilities of this character.

His Tactical ability has a nice cooldown and this ability can be used to gain high ground or to reposition yourself very fast in combat. You can Slingshot yourself and gain huge momentum and can travel long distance. He can be used as a Flanker or Sniper due to his mobility. His Tactical ability is quite a useful ability. So try not to mess up his Grapple hook.

His Ultimate ability allows him to create a long distance zip line which is very useful to reach out far places quickly. This can be used to reposition your whole team and find a suitable cover to engage a fight again.


Weak against Stealth type.

Wraith: She can chase Pathfinder as she is also a mobile Legend and reposition herself and her teammates. She can close range combat against Pathfinder which is unlikely that he will be having any close range burst.

That about wraps up about Pathfinder in Apex Legends. Hopefully, this Guide helps you improve your gameplay and make it more fun. You can check out more guides below:

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