Dauntless- Dull, Shining And Peerless Arcstones Farming Guide


In Dauntless, apart from the online server issues, it is a serious challenge if you are in a search of different types of Arcstones. For farming, it is recommended to play with your friends who know what they are doing and not be a burden to your team. It’s not necessary that if your level is low you can’t participate in Behemoth’s Hunt for high Threat Level.

Dull Arcstones

Though once you reach higher levels, you will need to upgrade your gear which will require you to collect the items known as Arcstones and for the starter Dull Arcstones are most suitable for the choice as the Threat Level of the Behemoth hunts would be 8-12. These Behemoths are just the beginning as many more are incoming and you need to brace and get a hang of their attack.

The hunters are required to learn about each Behemoths elemental weakness to let you eliminate and collect the first piece of Dull Arcstones after completing the hunt at Threat Level 8-12. It is relatively easier than what more is coming on your way. Once you have sufficient Dull Arcstones i.e. 90 Dull Arcstones to upgrade your gears beyond +5, you will need to equip and prepare for the advanced hunt.

Shining Arcstones

Completing and farming Dull Arcstones is a step required to farm Shining Arcstones as the valuable experience gathered during the hunt will help you against tougher Behemoths. To farm Shining Arcstones, you will be required to participate in Threat Level 13-16 Behemoth Hunts where you will find abundant of these Arcstones to upgrade your gear beyond +8.

You can even complete Heroic Patrols which is an upgraded version of Patrols which is generally used to farm the orbs in Dauntless. Unlike Dull Arcstones, you will require 120 Shining Arcstones to upgrade your first gear.

Peerless Arcstones

Ultimately, when you and your allies are flawlessly hunting and eliminating these Behemoths till Threat Level 16, then you are prepared for the final challenge which will require you to participate in hunting and patrolling of Threat Level 17 and beyond. Eliminating these high-level Behemoths would drop Peerless Arcstones which you need to collect it up to 150 to upgrade a gear beyond +10.

Here you go, now you have all the information you need to collect all types of Arcstones and necessary to advance forward into the game. Once you have enough Arcstones collected, you can farm for more and upgrade your gears when you are stuck in any stage while hunting. For more guides on Dauntless, click the link provided to you below the description:

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