Dauntless- How And Where To Collect Scorch Scales


In Dauntless, upgrading your weapons need parts from certain Behemoths and the Scorch Scales which has a less drop rate chance due to its high rarity. The Scorch Scales are relatively associated and crafted after defeating the Scorchstone Hellion which is one of the powerful beast wandering around in the Shattered Isles.

In this guide we have mentioned all the key performance you need to perform to farm and collect the Scorch Scales. According to the various users, it has been a conflict that it drops after breaking off the Behemoths parts or either by simply eliminating the Scorchstone Hellion.

According to my personal experience, defeating and eliminating the Hellion let me collect few of these rare Scorch Scales from those dropped loots. So, it’s quite assuring that the source of Scorch Scales lies within fighting and defeating the Scorchstone Hellion who has a Blaze affinity. You will need an armor which has a fire resistance and a weapon dealing Frost damage. Exploiting each Behemoths weakness against the elemental types is very useful and efficient for eliminating these mindless creatures.

So we would recommend you to either go with your axe or hammer for staggering and dealing heavy damage to break its parts and eliminate the Scorchstone Hellion to collect the rare Scorch Scales. The drop chance and rate are not so alarming, so you might be able to collect it in no time. For more guide on Dauntless, click the link below the description:

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