Dauntless- How And Where To Farm Adamantine Scale


Dauntless, allows you to hunt and eliminate these mythical Behemoths by forming up the team and collecting the precious drops which are later used to upgrade and craft new weapons. Similarly, Adamantine Scale is a valuable reagent which is used in Armour and weapons.

In this guide, it is clearly mentioned how you can farm and obtain the Adamantine Scale from the specific Behemoth who are of a threat to the low-level hunters. As soon as you are familiar with the mechanics of the Dauntless, you can engage these beasts with your weapons and hunt these to eliminate and collect the drops.

Adamantine Scales are available only after eliminating the Rockfall Skarn who wanders around in Shattered Isles. You can learn these Behemoths have a certain weakness against the elemental type which comes handy in dealing damage and efficiently annihilating these creatures.

Rockfall Skarn can pull enemies towards himself while spinning vigorously with no warning. One of the starting Behemoth whom you have encountered at the beginning is a rich source of Adamantine Scale required to craft:

  • Skarn’s Rancor
  • Skarn’s Vengeance
  • Skarn’s Malice
  • Skarn’s Judgement
  • Skarn’s Spite
  • Pillars of Stone
  • Sight of Stone

You can assemble your own team with your friends and altogether farm Adamantine Scale to stock them for any further use. For more guide on Dauntless, click the link below the description:

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