Dauntless- How And Where To Farm Conductive Shockspine


In Dauntless, where slaying these mindless Behemoths and breaking their parts of their body drops the most valuable reagents in the game. Slayers need to keep in mind how and who you need to slay in order to collect the respective reagents in order to craft and upgrade various gears.

The source of Conductive Shockspine was found out to be Shockjaw Nayzaga who has a lightning and shock affinity which can be countered by your well-equipped frost weapons and armors. Though we noticed Terra weapons also tagged along pretty well while interrupting and dealing damage.

The Conductive Shockspine is a rare drop which means you will need to farm and grind the same Behemoth for a long time to stock up a lot of these valuable reagents. Shockjaw Nayzaga is a variant of regular Nayzaga which can be found in the Maelstrom region at Aulric’s Refuge.

To recover the reagent you will need to break the back or spine of the Shockjaw Nayzaga with your weapons even though you will be awarded at least a piece of Conductive Shockspine when you defeat the mentioned Behemoth. Well equipped and playing together with your friends make it simpler and fun than solo farming. You can check here some few weakness of the Behemoths which are related to their elemental types.

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