Dauntless- How And Where To Farm Furious Rage Scale


In Dauntless, you can easily farm the Furious Rage Scale once you are familiar with the types of Behemoths who drops specific loots after getting slain or breaking their parts. Similarly, Furious Rage Scale can be obtained after slaying Ragetail Gnasher. The drop rate is quite low as the quality of these scales are rare and can only be obtained after eliminating this mythical beast.

You have already encountered this Reptile like a beast at the beginning of your Dauntless adventure. You can create a party with your friends and start hunting them in Shattered Isles. The most frustrating part would be that you will need to slay the Ragetail Gnasher to collect it from the drops. You can exploit the Behemoths weakness against each elemental type and wound or stagger them to deal massive damage while they are stunned.

There is not much you need to remember and be aware of against Ragetail Gnasher as its attack pattern is quite simple and the advanced slayers like yourself would slay it completely in no time. The usual mistake slayers tend to make while hunting is managing their health bar and drink all the water from the cracked surface on the ground to replenish their health selfishly with no concern of your teammates.

Communication and playing with your friends create more better teamwork than matchmaking against random individual slayers. For more guide on Dauntless, click the link below the description:

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