Dauntless- How And Where To Farm Smoldering Bloodhide


There is no doubt that Dauntless is one of the most leading and heavy populated game which has been released recently on 21 May 2019 with a most astounding RPG concept in cross-platform. You hone your skills and craft multiple weapons and gears after slaying the Behemoths and breaking their skin parts.

One of the rarest forms of drops from the Behemoths would be the Smoldering Bloodhide which is only obtained from slaying the Bloodfire Embermane. You have already hunted and slained the Lesser Embermane which is of lower threat whereas the Bloodfire Embermane is a Dire Behemoth which can be accessed after unlocking Dire Warnings Quest.

You will need to straight forward slay the Bloodhide Embermane to collect the drops which might contain Smoldering Bloodhide which is quite rare as mentioned, so the grinding and farming would be a challenge for various Slayers. Though the well equipped and correct choice of weapons specifically for the Behemoth would be recommended and practiced to clear the stage with ease.

As mentioned in the previous post which illustrates all the Behemoths weakness, these Embermane are of Blaze elemental type which can be countered and weak against Frost elemental type. Equipping armor who has fire resistance and weapons who have maximum damage and effects on Blaze elemental type is essential if you are dealing with Bloodhide Embermane.

The attack pattern may vary from the previous Lesser Embermane whom you encountered at the beginning, so you might need a responsible and faithful teammate to whom you can trust and start farming these specific Behemoths to stock Smoldering Bloodhide. For more guides on Dauntless, you can click the link below the description:


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