Dauntless- How And Where To Farm Thundering And Jagged Spark Scale


In Dauntless, where various threats and types of Behemoths reside and wander around in the Scattered Isles, you will need to hunt and eliminate a specific Behemoth who is a source of Thundering Scale and Jagged Spark Scale both. We would recommend you to equip your toughest armor and weapon while you are on the hunt for the specific Behemoth who will bring despair.

In this guide, we have mentioned all you might need to know before defeating Drask, who are currently tough to defeat without any prior preparation. The drop rarity of Thundering Scales and Jagged Spark Scale are pretty rare and common respectively and their drop chance is moderate, so you might be able to farm plenty after a lot of grinds.

These Drask are not the same Lesser Drask which you have fought previously and those who have experienced the difference among these two might understand its not an easy task to complete. Though the reward is too sweet to pass, you can collect these two valuable Scales from the same Behemoth.

Though the drops do not coexist together and the process of obtaining these separate scales are not complicated. For farming and collecting Thundering Scale, you will need to simply defeat the Drask whereas to farm and collect Jagged Spark Scale, you will need to break the parts of Drask which can be performed easily as you will have ample amount of time after it charges and rest from its attack.

However Jagged Spark Scale can be farmed normally from Lesser Drask, unlike Thundering Scales. If you are on the hunt of Thundering Scale, then why not seize the opportunity and farm both Scales altogether. For more guide on Dauntless, click the link below the description:

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