Dauntless- How To Create A Guild And Invite Friends/Strangers


In Dauntless, as you already know that hunting random Behemoth without any prior information about the game will be your fatal mistake. Therefore, you might need to join a party or rather have a conversation with strangers who might guide you through. The best place which happens to store all the information might be the guild, rather finding one even you can build your own guild and invite players to join in.

In this guide, we have mentioned how to create your own guilds where your friends and random strangers may accompany you while hunting and benefitting your guild. Although you might not have any friends yet to play together with, you can create one to meet new strangers and wait till your newbie friends join one.

Creating Your Own Guild

You can create your own guild by clicking on your social menu and selecting the “Guilds” from the tab to access and create your own guild. After clicking on to the “Create Guild” you can choose the name which will be mentioned as your guild name beside the player’s username. All the navigation will be displayed on the screen to create your guild which you can simply follow.

Once you have created a guild, you will be able to invite players from your friend’s list. Click your friends to whom you want to send an invite and let them accept and join the guild. You can invite stranger via text chat in the guilds tab. You will need to spell the correct Epic username in the text chat to send them to invite.

These guilds offer a bonus and few perks as long as you are active and hunting Behemoths. You will have the full access to your guild as you will be the leader of it and can promote or demote any players. You can even kick them out if they are creating a nuisance. All the members will have a group chat connected to the guild where you can discuss anything about new hunt and missions. For more guide on Dauntless, click the link below the description:

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