Dauntless- How To Earn Experience Points Easily For Hunt Pass


In Dauntless, the hunters are provided a chance to upgrade their Hunt Pass to collect certain awards to improve their game experience. To upgrade a tier you will need to earn 100 Experience and in total there are 50 tiers or levels which contains rewards associated with these tiers.

These Experience Points are a pain in the hunters to earn and upgrade a tier within a limited time. This Hunt Pass is available for a certain amount of time, so you need to take advantage and earn as many Experience Points as you can for the Pass. We have mentioned all the tricks you need to use to gain tons of Experience Points in the current situation and maybe after few minor bug fixing and contents adding in Dauntless will allow you to gain more ways to earn these points.

Ways To Earn Experience Points For Hunt Pass

As Dauntless is a Behemoth hunting RPG game and all ties together with these Behemoths, you can break the Behemoth parts to earn few Experience points for Hunt Pass which will be used in a dire situation perhaps but still the most efficient ways to earn points would be by completing the weekly challenges like any others.

Completing weekly challenges and breaking Behemoth Parts is not the only way to upgrade your Hunt Pass, you can complete and locate all 10 Deathmark locations in Dauntless to gain Experience Points in the Ramsgate.

Currently, these are the three ways to upgrade your Hunt pass earnestly, though the situation would arise where you will need to break the Behemoths Parts to increase your Hunt Pass. So at this instant, it’s preferable to hunt Behemoths and complete the daily and weekly challenges as well as stack the Behemoths parts for a dire situation. For more guide on Dauntless, click on the following description:

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