Dauntless- How To Equip And Use Barrage Grenades


In Dauntless among the various categories of weapons, you can even use Barrage Grenades which is a type of throwable weapon. Once you have completed enough requests and reach a certain position where Janek Zai would request you to complete Launch the Barrage quest. You will get the chance to use the new weapon available in Dauntless.

Using Barrage Grenades is simple but for the weapon which has not been used yet in Dauntless would make it a challenge for the first time users. In this guide, we have mentioned how to equip and use the Barrage Grenades efficiently if you are stuck at this stage.

Equipping And Using Barrage Grenades

Similar to other consumables, you can equip them from the loadout menu. The consumable is only available after you have accepted the quest from Janek Zai. You can equip the Barrage Grenades to one of the consumables slots and use it during the hunt.

Once you have equipped the Barrage Grenades on the available slot, you can proceed to the hunt. The problematic part of the quest is you will need to inflict 2000 damage with the help of Grenades and the easiest Behemoth would be Lesser Boreus Pursuit whose attack pattern is simple and can summon bats which can be affected by your Barrage Grenades if performed correctly.

These bats keep respawning in groups and dealing enough damage to them is easy as there are three targets. Targeting a single Behemoth would require you to purchase more Barrage Grenades, so it’s highly recommended to deal damage with your Grenades to the bats as it is not mentioned whom to damage and its more effective when used against the crowd.

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