Dauntless- How To Farm Orbs Fast From The Behemoths


Dauntless is by far gathering large popularity due to cross multiplayer game and RPG similar to the Monster Hunter. Defeating the monsters which are known as Behemoths in Dauntless, allows you to collect drops from them to upgrade and craft new weapons and armors. Among them, orbs are a most essential and rare type of item which is essential to upgrade your armory.

These orbs are classified into different elemental types and you would without obvious reason want to store and farm these items in abundance. In this guide, we have mentioned all you need to know before going on the hunt for orbs, not Behemoth.

Farming Orbs

Farming Orbs in Dauntless is not a simple task as you might need to slay a specific type of Behemoth who has a higher drop rate chance of Orbs. These Behemoths can be found in the Frost, Radian, Umbral, Shock, Terra, Neutral, and Blaze as the elemental type of orbs.

Another way to farm Orbs swiftly will be to complete the Patrols quest which will be unlocked after increasing your Mastery level. While undergoing quests on Patrols will let you hunt random Behemoth unknown to its elemental type as it is randomized. There Power levels are also random which might prove to be difficult and a gamble to complete the quest unharmed.

Completing Patrols quest award you with Orbs and completing 2 Patrol quest every day provides you another 10 Orbs as a reward which can be abused to stack these Orbs. Completing the Patrol quest is pretty difficult and you can’t trust any unfamiliar names, so you might team up together with your friends and eliminate these Behemoths for the sake of collecting and farming Orbs as it is the fastest way to farm currently.

We might stumble across another way to farm these orbs a lot faster than completing Patrol quest so make sure to visit again as we might update it later. For more guide on Dauntless, click on the link below the description:

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