Dauntless- How To Play And Hunt Behemoth In Co-Op Mode


Dauntless is an open world co-op action RPG available on PC, PS4, Xbox One which will allow you to hunt mythical beasts known as Behemoth, solo or with your friends. It is similar to Monster Hunter and the graphics are more or so like Fortnite which is pretty much addicting.

Once you enter the world of Dauntless, you will need to complete the tutorial hunt which will allow you to explore the Ramsgate where all hunters will be able to interact and accept hunts from the Hunt Board. In Hunt Board, you can notice there is a list of Behemoths which can be accessed and hunted on different areas of the map.

It’s not difficult going solo but raiding with friends together makes the hunt considerably easy and efficient. To play with friends you will simply need to open the Friends list, Touchpad on PS4, View button on Xbox, and o on PC to access and invite your social friends. If you are playing in PS4 and Xbox One then you have an advantage of inviting friends who are in your Epic friend list as well as in your console friends list whereas in PC only Epic Friends list can be accessed and requested to invite to join your party.

Regardless of different platform, each player is connected via Epic Games and can join together through any platform. There has been some issue faced while inviting players to the party, they don’t load in Ramsgate however you can all slay the Behemoth all together. The game has just been released and free to play, so this issue might be on developers radar and possibly will be fixed.

All you need if you are a party leader is to start the hunt when your friends are online and playing the game even if they are not showing up after accepting your request. If you are playing alone then you would be provided allies randomly but nothing beats playing with your friends. For more guide on Dauntless, click on the link below the description:

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