Dauntless How To Unlock All Weapon Special Abilities


In Dauntless, you can choose variant weapons and the abilities are associated with the weapons. These special abilities can be checked in the move list where the description would be mentioned. Each weapon is provided with a single skill which can be upgraded and another skill will be unlocked once you have upgraded the mastery level of that particular weapon.

In this guide, we have mentioned all the special abilities that are currently available for each weapon and how it can be equipped. You can use these abilities when the weapons ability usage meter fills up.

How To Unlock Special Abilities For Each Weapon

As we have mentioned each weapon have two potential abilities to deal Behemoths. You will need to equip a certain weapon and upgrade your Mastery level to 8 which will unlock another new ability. You can unlock all alternate abilities by equipping the weapons and reaching Mastery level 8.

To reach Mastery level 8 in Dauntless, you will need to interrupt or wound Behemoths, equipping and dealing damage with certain elemental type and dealing certain damage. This progression can be checked in the menu under Mastery category.

Equipping Alternate Abilities

Once you have unlocked an alternate ability for your weapon, you can select your inventory where the detailed description is provided along with a few modifications list. These modifications slots are used to equip a unique ability, as the first modification slot is for your ability.

You can select the available weapon skill once you have unlocked and equip it to perform and change your playstyle. All these weapons abilities are mentioned below excluding Ostian Repeaters as it can be customized by swapping parts.


Flight Of Ruin (Mastery Level 1): Throws the axe, doing damage to everyone in its way. Use it again to return the axe and do an attack that generates resolve.

Grim Onslaught (Mastery Level 8): Throws the axe, doing damage to everyone in its way. If it hits a behemoth, it’ll generate resolve and return to you automatically.

Chain Blades

Reaper’s Dance (Mastery Level 1): If you’re close to a behemoth, push away and do damage. If you’re far, pull.

Cruel Riftstrike (Mastery Level 8): Teleports you forward, damaging any enemies in your way. Can go through behemoths.


Concussive Salvo (Mastery Level 1): Loads a bunch of ammo and shoots. Does damage and can interrupt behemoths.

Mighty Landbreaker (Mastery Level 8): Loads ammo and shoots, creating an aether vent that applies buffs to all the players in a radius.


Valiant Overdrive (Mastery Level 1): When the meter is full, activate it to enter overdrive. This increases attack speed and causes you to do area of effect damage. Activating again while in overdrive makes you dash.

Ardent Cyclone (Mastery Level 8): When the meter is full, activate to start spinning, damaging everyone you approach. Activating again while you’re spinning makes you slash in a certain direction, doing even more damage.

War Pike

Concussive Payload (Mastery Level 1): Converts meter filled into ammo. When you hold the button, it’ll fire a missile that does damage and interrupts behemoths (uses up ammo).

Savage Wellspring (Mastery Level 8): Converts meter filled into ammo. When you hold the button, it spends ammo to buff nearby allies with increased critical strike chance.

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