Dauntless- How To Unlock And Equip All Weapon Mods


Weapon Mods in Dauntless are an enhancement of the weapon to deal with special effects. Each weapon has its own set of mods for their weapons which you can unlock and equip after reaching certain Weapon Mastery. You must have already or yet to complete the quest which requires you to equip a weapon mod in “Mod We Trust” for Wils Bormen quest. Equipping these mods to increase the weapon damage and effects dramatically which is highly recommended to hunt higher level Behemoths.

In this guide, we have mentioned how to unlock all slots of Weapon Mods and equip them according to the weapon types. Here is the list of currently available weapon mods which can be used along with their respective descriptions.

How To Unlock All Weapon Mods

To unlock Weapon Mods, you will need to upgrade your Weapon Mastery to a certain level. Your first weapon mods will unlock once you reach level 6, and another at Mastery Level 10 and 16 respectively. There is a total of 3 Weapon Mods available which can be used to improve your weapon damage irrespective to your style which will benefit you on your hunt.

Each weapon has 3 mods excluding the Ostian Repeaters which have 6 mods in Dauntless. As mentioned above, three mods would be unlocked after reaching the Mastery Level of 6, 10, and 16 whereas rest three mods will be unlocked through completing the quests.

You can check your Mastery Level of all your weapons in the Mastery Menu. All these weapons Mastery levels will be displayed to you according to your usage of the weapon. There would be different quests to increase the Mastery Level which would be mentioned in the description. You can use all the mods with respect to the corresponding weapons of the same type.

All Weapon Mods


Volatile Axecore: Charging attack deals AOE damage to nearby enemies at each charge level.

Lightweight Haft: Movement speed while charging Horizontal Attacks is now increased instead of decreased and costs 50% less stamina.

Overcharged Cylinder: Determination can now stack up to 4 times.

Chain Blades

Lightweight Chain: Dashing towards a Behemoth reduces stamina cost of the dash by 50%.

Hurricane Blades: Using Blade Spin grants stacking on-next hit damage that is consumed when using other attacks.

Serrated Blades: Bladed attacks have a chance to cause your next swinging blades to be a critical strike.


Weighted Crown: Stagger damage is no longer halved when attacking Behemoth legs. Stagger damage can now be dealt to all Behemoth parts.

Impulse Crown: Aerial Strike grants increased damage dealt for 10 seconds. Bonus is doubled if a Behemoth’s head is struck.

Extended Clip: Ammo increased to 6.


Adhesive Hilt: Become unstaggerable while in special.

Reactive Hilt: Dodge attacks always critically strike.

Perpetual Bladecore: Dealing damage while in special generates a small amount of special meter.

War Pike

Concussive Payload: Use to convert meter into ammo. Hold to spend ammo to fire a missile that damages and can interrupt Behemoths.

Savage Wellspring: Use to convert meter into ammo. Hold to spend ammo to create an aura that buffs nearby allies with critical strike chance. Duration increases with ammo quality.

Godhand: Use to convert meter into ammo. Hold to spend ammo to channel a beam that damages Behemoths the more it remains damaging them.

Ostian Repeaters

Capacitive Magazine: Using an ability returns 4 ammo to the magazine.

Scoped Sights: Increases damage falloff range by 25%.

Lucky Magazine: Grants 2% critical strike chance for each round missing from the magazine.

Extraction Catalyst: Reduce both ability cooldowns by 2 seconds when dodging through Behemoth attacks. Unlocks through the quest.

Lightweight Frame: Gain 20% increased movement speed when at 6 or less ammo. Unlocks through the quest.

Precision Sights: Deal 5 increased damage when attacking the same part multiple times. Stacks up to 8 times. Unlocks through the quest.

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