Dauntless Server Status- Servers Down And Full Issue Fixed?


Dauntless has been launched out in PS4, Xbox One and PC. The free to play multiplayer RPG game recently experienced server down issue due to the maintenance of the servers prior to the game launched. Due to which all of you have been wondering when it might be fixed.

Currently, as I am updating the post, the servers have started yet again with the full throttle as mentioned by the developer Phoenix Labs in their official Dauntless website. You can check all the status regarding matchmaking, game servers, and log at the previous link provided to generalize the idea.

The Dauntless social features and official website have been experiencing “degraded performance” which might hinder your in-game communication and social features. All the other players will be experiencing the same issue which will be resolved in the recent future.

Dauntless Twitter account features and informs regarding all future maintenance periods and time when the server will be down. The future announcement of new contents involving the game will all be mentioned on their tweets which will be the best possible action to follow them. For more guide on Dauntless, click the following description mentioned below:

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