Dauntless- Staggering And Wounding Guide For Alchemy Quest


In Dauntless, Alchemy Quest is another quest which reveals the staggering and wounding mechanics of the game. These are the special effects inflicted on the Behemoths to stun and bleed them for a duration which will let you deal more damage. Heavy weapons are more capable of dealing stagger effect whereas sharp weapons can deal wounding effects. In this guide, we have mentioned how to deal staggering and wounding effect to Behemoth and distinguish whether you are doing it right.

Stagger Mechanics

As mentioned, after equipping your heavy weapons which is most likely a hammer which can be used to inflict stagger effect. You will need to charge and aim for the head to deal devastating damage, and it’s not necessary that when you are charging then the stagger effect occurs. Charging allows you to dish out more damage and if performed correctly one hit is sufficient to stun and stagger the Behemoths.

The best chance to stagger the Behemoth might be when they charge towards you or when they have an animation effect for their AOE or heavy damage. You can notice when the damage inputs are blue then you are performing accurately. When you have dealt enough stagger damage, it might stun and drop the Behemoth to the ground where you can inevitably deal heavy blows recklessly.

Wound Mechanics

What’s left is how to deal and inflict wound damage to the Behemoth. Once you have equipped sharp weapons and we prefer War Pike which can deal more damage and easy to perform. You will need to select a specific location to constantly deal damage with your War Pike to open up the wound which will be glowing on the wounded part.

You can notice a red damage input while dealing damage which means you are inflicting wound damage and once it’s enough to cut open the skin of the Behemoths, you can inflict damage on the wounded part to deal more damage making them vulnerable.

This would wrap up the Alchemy Quest, though the mechanics can be practiced on any Behemoths to render them useless and eliminate them efficiently but nothing goes according to the plan. You can practice and perfect yourself by performing various attack patterns to deal enough damage which will later help you to master it. For more guide on Dauntless, click on the link below the description:

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