Dauntless- Strongest Elemental Types Against Each Behemoths


In Dauntless, there are various Behemoths scattered throughout the map with different elemental types and level. Low-level Behemoths are not tough but as you climb up and fight against higher level enemies you might feel it tough to crack their shell. The problem is not with the damage output of your weapons, you can deal high damage against each Behemoth but once you understand the weakness against certain elemental type will let you rush and eliminate these Behemoths swiftly.

In this guide, we have mentioned all these Behemoths with certain elemental type and their weakness. You must consider all the possibilities regarding your weapon handling and the Behemoth elemental types. These Behemoth elemental types and whom they are weak against is mentioned below

Behemoth Elemental Weakness Types

  • Boreus (Frost)- Blaze
  • Charrogg (Blaze)- Frost
  • Drask (Shock)- Blaze
  • Embermane (Blaze)- Frost
  • Gnasher (Neutral)- None
  • Hellion (Blaze)- Frost
  • Kharabak (Terra)- Shock
  • Koshai (Terra)- Shock
  • Nayzaga (Shock)- Frost
  • Pangar (Frost)- Blaze
  • Quillshot (Neutral)- None
  • Rezakiri (Radiant)- Umbral
  • Riftstalker (Umbral)- Radiant
  • Shrike (Neutral)- None
  • Shrowd (Umbral)- Radiant
  • Skarn (Terra)- Shock
  • Skraev (Frost)- Blaze, Shock
  • Stormclaw (Shock)- Blaze
  • Valomyr (Radiant)- Umbral

From the above reference, all you hunters are welcome to try and discover new weakness against these types of Behemoths to provide us all a helping hand to the community. For more guide on Dauntless, click the link below the description:

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