Day Of Dragons

Day Of Dragons-Guide And All Console Commands For A Server

Day Of Dragons

Day Of Dragons is a sandbox survival open-world game where each Dragon thrives to compete against one another to become the ultimate ruler. Whereas the most difficult part is to learn UI and obtain food. In this beginner guide, we have mentioned what’s necessary and the main focus lies in.


After connecting and joining the server, you will be an egg which after hatching your dragon gender and color will be randomized if you have selected “Random”. In the desert, you will come across three Oasis which all can be categorized by their size and water bodies. In order to obtain a life essence, you can harvest plants such as small dragons that can destroy smaller plants for the growth and the trees can be destroyed by bigger Dragons, hence harvesting the life essence for their growth.

The bar shown in your screen below the Dragons indicates life bar (Green), Hunger (Red), and Thirst (Blue). There is a Stamina bar which also depletes after running, swimming or flying in the air. To regenerate fast, you can stand still or walk at a normal pace. Most likely, sleeping on a safe area also allows your baby Dragon to enhance its growth rate.

With respect to foods, you can eat the mutilated corpse of other Dragons or piece of meat in order to fill up your belly. You must take care of your hunger and thirst as these might slowly consume up your health bar when they are sufficiently fed food and water.

All Console Commands For Day Of Dragons

For the console commands, you can simply open the console box in order to input the following codes to perform specific functions as mentioned below.

  • /gender: Check your gender.
  • /growth: Check your growth.
  • /location: Get your current location.
  • /pid: Get your personal PID (Player Identification Digit).
  • /stuck: Get unstuck.
  • /group: Create a group.
  • /disband: Disband group.
  • /invite (PID): Invite a specific player to your group.
  • /transfer (PID): Transfer leadership over a group to a player.
  • /leave: Leave group.
  • /list: Check PID’s of group members.
  • /kick (PID): Kick a group member (Admin only).
  • /showtags: Shows Player ID.
  • /hidetags: Hides PID’s.
  • /adult (PID): Grows player to full adult.
  • /grow (PID): TBA
  • /growself: TBA
  • /heal (PID): Fills players health/bile/food/water bars.
  • /healself: Fills your health/bile/food/water bars.
  • /hero: Makes you immune to damage.
  • /port (PID): Teleports a player to you.
  • /goto (PID): Teleports you to a player.
  • /kill (PID): Kills a player.
  • /killself: Kills yourself.
  • /boot: Kicks a player from the server.
  • /ban (PID): Kicks a player and blocks from re-joining until the server restarts.
  • /unban (PID): Unbans a player without a server restart.

How To Host Private Or Local Server

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