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Day Of Dragons- How To Host Private Server To Play Multiplayer Mode

Day Of Dragons

In Day Of Dragons, you can create your own Private Server to invite and host a local party. To create your own dedicated Day Of Dragon server, follow the mentioned steps.

How To Host A Server For Day Of Dragons

In order to host a private server, your Server requirements must be fulfilled to run your Day Of Dragons game efficiently. The requirements are mentioned below:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2008, Server 2012 & 64-Bit.
  • Quad Core processor (requires up to 2 full cores).
  • Up to 4GB memory (currently uses around 2GB memory minimum).
  • 2GB disk space (installed folder space).
  • Game: Day of Dragons from Steam.

You can now proceed to these steps in order to host a server at Game Server Hosting where you have to:

  • Create a Folder C:\DoDServer
  • Download SteamCMD for Windows
  • Extract the contents of the zip to the folder
  • Create a file called FetchServerFiles.bat and place the following code in there:
    @echo off
    start “” steamcmd.exe +login USER PASS +force_install_dir “C:\DoDServer” +app_update 1088320 validate +quit
  • Run FetchServerFiles.bat
  • Go to the location and open Dragons/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Game.ini

Modify the settings.

  • Game.ini
  • [/game/dev/libraries/classes/runtime/dragonsgameinstance.dragonsgameinstance_c]
  • Add entries:
  • iServerMaxPlayers=100 (To set maximum players in a server, max is 250)
  • sServerAdmins=Steam64ID (Replace Steam64ID with actual Steam ID to determine who becomes the admin before the game starts.)
  • sServerBanList=Steam64ID (Replace Steam64ID with actual Steam ID to ban a player from the server)
  • bServerUseJoinList=false (If the server uses a whitelist, change the value to True to enable it)
  • sServerJoinList=Steam64ID (Let the users join if their steam user id is mentioned in the whitelist)

Now open the game and go to the Multiplayer server to connect with the localhost or a specific server. If you are struggling with the console commands for Day Of Dragons, click here where we have mentioned all the console commands and a small brief guide for the beginners.

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