Death Stranding

Death Stranding- How To Trigger Voidout And Create Crater

Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, we all are blessed by the early discovery of BT’s and Timefall Rain as well as the incineration of the bodies which has been infected by BT’s. In one of the early cutscenes of the game, Sam Porter Bridges accompanies Igor who was in-charge of Bridges Corpse Disposal. Due to the presence of BT’s, the vehicle crashes and the driver, as well as Igor, seem to die. Though there was Sam who came back from dead and later known as “repatriate”.

Voidout Explosion In Death Stranding

As we know that Voidout is a phenomenon which is caused by the corpses who are not disposed of on time. Well, there is another way where you can manipulate the Voidout Explosion which will create a crater and change the landscape and map visuals in-game. Though these explosion area or crater area are out of reach and cannot be accessed as it is barricaded.

Sam being the repatriate can abuse death and come back to life all the time where you have to guide the soul back to his body in another realm. Once his soul is back in his body, he will wake up as if he was in deep sleep to view the catastrophe. In order to trigger the Voidout explosion, you can travel to the BT-filled zone and once they are revealed, you can walk onto them or run onto them so that they can pounce on you rather than attack you from range.

Once you are in range, then the BT’s will infect and devour you instantly. Now, you have fulfilled all your condition for your big explosion:

  • BT’s virus on your body (checked)
  • No corpse incineration (checked)
  • Sam Porter Bridges Revived (checked)

Death Stranding

Now the crater will change the landscape and it has been observed that various open places where there are no landmarks are completely obliterated. So, if you are tired of climbing some crazy uphills and sneak around BT’s then blow yourself up and come back to life. For more informative guide on Death Stranding, you can click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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