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Death Stranding- “Pathfinder” Achievement Trophy Guide

Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, Sam Porter Bridges has to carry out a set of deliveries on different landmarks and reconnect the Chiral Network along the process. Simply carrying out the packages and advancing further into the story, you will start unlocking various weapons and vehicles to assist you on your journey. You can start clearing the MULE Postbox i.e. marked on yellow on the map. This MULE Postbox is filled with enemies and you have to clear out these Postboxes in order to let Porters use it again for delivering packages. In this guide, we have mentioned how to unlock the Pathfinder Achievement or Trophy. So, if you have missed this Trophy then you are in luck!

“Pathfinder” Achievement And Trophy Guide For Death Stranding

Once you have completed and delivered Order No. 41 and unlocked the “Non-Lethal Assault Rifle”, equip it and travel to any of these MULE Postbox marked on your map. It would be recommended that you should clear out these human enemies with Non-Lethal Assault Rifle as it can stun enemies for a longer duration. You can use other Non-Lethal weapons also against humans and once you have eliminated them all and unlocked the Porter Delivery Routes as all the MULEs in an area are eliminated.

After clearing the MULE Postbox from the enemies, you will be able to unlock the Trophy “Pathfinder” and notice Porters making their deliveries in the areas. If the area becomes dangerous again, the porters will stop their deliveries in such areas which you might need to clear the area again. So, now the Trophy is unlocked, you can focus on the story and unravel the mystery. For more guides on Death Stranding, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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