Death Stranding

Death Stranding- Timefall Rain And How To Avoid It

Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, you take the role of a transporter who is unstoppable and fearless doing his job accompanied by BB and Monster Energy Drink during your expedition. It is quite unnatural that BB can see the BT’s and they are used as equipment. At the very beginning of the cutscene, when Sam Porter Bridges hides under the cave to let the Timefall Rain whose drizzle instantly killed few crows when they came in contact. It was made clear that these Timefall Rain in the world is dangerous and even humans age fast when the water comes in contact.

Timefall Rain In Death Stranding And How To Avoid Damaging Your Packages

This Timefall Rain not only harms the living beings but also wears and damages the equipment as well as packages which Sam Porter Bridges carries on his back while walking to his destination. These Timefall Rain may seem unnatural and the nature of these apocalyptic rain is still a mystery to solve along with BB, BT. Though the technology is very advanced and even these unnatural rain can be forecasted and avoided if you have the specific ability “Weather Forecast” which will be installed on the map as you keep on progressing and completing the orders.

Death Stranding

The image shown above is a map and all the blue mark indicators on the map show you where the rain is occurring and will occur. You can adjust the weather forecast and as shown in the image it is marked to show us where the Timefall Rain will hit which can be avoided if we decide to take a detour. It is quite a tedious job to balance your weight and run all the way avoiding the obstacles and slippery landscapes. Even the equipment such as ladder and rope will weigh a little, so you can carry 3-4 with you but at the end of one delivery, you will find yourself with tons of other lost cargo found in the wild.

These Timefall Rain might not be that harmful to you but these showers of unnatural rain damage your cargo and packages i.e. if you want to deliver your goods with minimal damage to score high then it is highly recommended to avoid it. There is yet another way to avoid damaging your rare goods. You can strategically plan and store the lost cargo at the top so that the damage done would be at the top and the bottom packages are still unaffected by the Timefall Rain.

If you are too caring and don’t want to damage any of your cargo then, you might need to wait till Chapter 3 where you will be allowed to use Repair Spray. As the name suggests, it repairs the damaged Cargo. The best way to avoid any damage dealt would be the usage of your vehicles. You can store more packages easily and drive through the Timefall Rain with very minimal or no damage. Although the vehicles stop working when BT’s are in the vicinity.

For more guides on Death Stranding, we will keep posting any necessary updates. So, keep on checking.

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