Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5- All Easter Eggs and Location Revealed

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is an absolute masterpiece of DMC series. Different character play and different combos for slashing demons while achieving highest Stylish Points is too much for the fans. Even included soundtracks of all previous DMC series which starts playing when you achieve S Stylish rank. Boost up your adrenaline completing DMC5 with style in every difficulty.

Though the game has been replayed many times over but there are some particularly hidden secrets along the way which you might have noticed but ignored them. We have compiled and listed below all the Secret Eggs that Devil May Cry 5 has provided to us.

Tony Redgrave

All those who have watched Devil May Cry anime and read the novels will understand what this name signifies. It’s Dante’s original name back when he was young and started being a Devil Hunter. Red Grave City was his old hometown which even Morrison explains it to Nero when they are in the van on the way to the infamous city.

Nico’s Dad

Nero points out to Nico in the van in one of the cutscene when they were arriving to Red Grave City that “How does it feels that we rescuing a guy who killed your Father”. Even in the Profiles “Dark Knight Sparda”, Nico mentions about his Daddy from “Fortuna” which was the primary setting for DMC4. The Red Queen was introduced along with Nero and its description reveals that it was one of Nico’s Dad design. All sums up to that Nico’s Father was “Agnus” who was killed by Dante in DMC4.

Banksy’s Art

After Morrison Note and the cutscene, Nero is inside Red Grave City where all the inhabitants are turned into a charred figure. You will notice at the beginning of the chapter that you run into a fountain and beside it, there is a charred small girl like figure holding a red balloon. In 2002 Banksy depicted an art where a small girl reach out to red balloon which is been swept away in the air which he called as “There is Always Hope”.

V’s Familiar

The fans immediately noticed and recognized V’s Familiar as there name and abilities animations are almost similar like its first game Devil May Cry. Dante has to fight with three different bosses with the similar name and character designed by the developers. Griffin, Shadow, and Nightmare all of the V’s Familiar are same and even Dante confirms it when he faces them off in Mission 16. After defeating both Shadow and Griffin together, he refers back to the Mallet Island where he faces them before in First DMC series.

Dante And Faust Hat

Nico handovers Dante the Faust hat who was introduced in Devil May Cry 4. When Dante acquires the Dr. Faust Hat, he lit the dancefloor with some cool and neat moves of Michael Jackson in the spotlight.

Secret Ending

At the Prologue Mission, Nero has to fight the final boss Urizen. He will naturally lose the fight against Urizen to continue the storyline. However, if you play the mission in “Heaven Or Hell” difficulty mode. You can finish off the boss easily and trigger a cutscene where the story ends and everyone lives happily like a Fairy Tale showcasing every protagonist sitting around in Nico’s van.

Patty Lowell’s Voice

Does this name rings a bell to every DMC anime fans. You are right, she is the small rich brat who needed protection from the demons and Dante was hired for this job in DMC anime. During Mission 9 cutscene, when Dante and Morrison were talking, there was a phone call and a child’s voice refers to turning 18 and not a small child anymore. Even Dante can’t tolerate her tantrum.

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