Endless Abyss

Endless Abyss- Guide, Tips And Complete Walkthrough

Endless Abyss

Endless Abyss is a single-player role-playing game of endless battle where you organize your deck with cards initially and create your own combination to run havoc on the battlefield. While starting the new game, you will be able to choose between two characters whose Relics are pretty unique and takes effect in a run. There are tons of Relics and combinations of cards for each class and level as they don’t interfere with one another, although each character- Knight and Assassin have a common set of Talent Tree which can be upgraded by Obsidian i.e. earned by completing the run.

Endless Abyss Talent And Event Guide

In Endless Abyss under Talent, you will find three major categories- Strike, Balance and Agility. Each contributing quirks and battle advantage to your run. For each character, the mode of difficulty is assigned separately and once you have conquered the whole run i.e. complete III Chapters relentlessly, you will be awarded a large amount of Obsidian and Cards/Fragments.

Once you start the game, you will find a number of routes that will lead you to the ultimate boss of the chapter. You might want to take the easiest route or charge your way relentlessly by engaging in the battle. There are certain stages where you can benefit without fighting, as you might want to proceed ahead without decreasing your HP.

Endless Abyss

In each chapter, you might see various events such as:

  • Battle: Enemy or bunch of enemies need to be slaughtered and after defeating enemies, you will be awarded few gold coins and able to select a card from the three to add it in your deck temporarily in your single run.
  • Goblin: These are the Merchant shop or Goblin shop where you will be able to use your gold coins in order to purchase useful Cards/Relics/Elixirs.
  • Event: These Events are mysterious door which might either lead you to trouble by picking up a fight with Elite or normal enemies or might provide you with better Relics and choices to upgrade your deck of Cards.
  • Camp: You can use it to replenish your HP by sleeping or upgrade a single card out of your deck by Forging.
  • Elite: These are the Elite bosses which are much tougher than the normal enemies. Apart from that, after successfully defeating an Elite provide you with a Relic in addition to a choice of card and gold.
  • Treasure: This Treasure Room allows you to collect Gold coins and a random Relic throughout the game.

Unlock Mode Of Difficulty, Tips, And Tricks

Each Mode of Difficulty can be unlocked when the previous one is cleared by a specific Hero. Although as mentioned you will have to complete a set of III Chapters in order to complete a difficulty, it can be only achieved after playing defensively and saving as much of your HP as possible.

Camps are used to resting to replenish your HP but most importantly, you can upgrade your card and the maximum limit is 2 times for a single card to be upgraded. So, you can’t be reckless and lose your HP, unless you use your defense cards to negate the enemy attack. After equipping with enough Armor/Block, you can focus on dealing damage unless you kill it instantly. There is a certain buff that decreases the damage of enemies or increases the damage taken which we will discuss below in the Buff section.

Focus on taking a smart route where you can face limited enemies, have Camps and mostly Elites in order to obtain a guaranteed random Relic. Before engaging against the Final Boss, make sure you have more than 50% of HP. If you are way more confident with your Deck, then upgrade your deadly combination of cards and defeat the boss.

Buffs And Nerfs

Your hero possesses a set of Buff cards that can be used in the beginning or at the end as the situation demands. These are the set of Buffs that I have encountered and you might find it useful along the course.

Poison: The Poison damage is over time the number of stacks and negates the armor.

Vulnerable: It allows the enemy to take 25% more damage.

Weak: It decreases 25% of the damage dealt by the enemy.

Dexterity: The Dexterity buff involves your Block, the number of Dexterity increases the number of Block.

Strength: The Strength buff involves your ATK Damage, the number/stack of Strength increases the damage of ATK.

Thorn: The Thorn allows you to reflect damage according to the number of times enemies make contact and use their ATK. Spells are perfectly fine and do not reflect damage.

There are even more certain effects such as cards that allow all the enemies or random enemies to take damage after you play an ATK card or Spell card. These spell Buffs can also be used by enemies to nerf your block or damage. When the enemy’s head shows that the next skill they use is Curse, you can expect either to be Weakened or decrease your Block Damage.

Though the game is still in Early Beta Access, we still might learn about more new Characters, Cards, and Relics. You can even unlock and assign a few Relics after collecting the desired Fragments. Evolving and Levelling up your character gives you certain stats boost which might help you as you fend of difficult enemies. We will upload more about Endless Abyss after the game is out of Early Beta Access. If you want to download it in on your Android then click here.

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