Streaming ML

How To Start Streaming Mobile Games On Facebook

Streaming ML

To Stream mobile games from any of your Android devices with the help of OBS streaming, you will have to first create your own page for Streaming. Once you have created and filled your Page info, you will need to download TeamViewer App and TeamViewer QS on PC and Android respectively. After downloading and installing the app for both PC and Android, you will have to follow the simple steps mentioned in this guide to start your own mobile streaming on Facebook Gaming.

How To Start Streaming Mobile, Android Games On Facebook


  • Open OBS studio
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select Stream and on Service, select Facebook Live.
  • Open your Facebook Page and click on Publishing Tools.
  • Either click on Video Library or Creator Studio to go Live.
  • Click Go Live and when the page is loaded, copy the Stream Key.
  • Select Stream in settings of OBS and change or paste the Stream Key.
  • Click Apply and Ok to validate your settings.

How To Screen Share Your Mobile Devices To Your PC

Remember, we have downloaded TeamViewer QS which will be used to connect and share the Android screen, hence it will be captured by OBS for streaming.

  • After installation open TeamViewer apps on both devices.
  • On your Android device, note down the ID and write it down in Partner ID box on your PC.
  • After sharing the screen, go Full Screen and,
  • After setting up the OBS and clicking the Start Streaming button on OBS, Go Live on FB.

Now you will be able to enjoy Streaming and entertaining your viewers even playing mobile games. Make sure that both your Teamviewer is connected and has a live Internet connection.

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