Layers Of Fear 2

Layers Of Fear 2- How To Unlock All 3 Alternate Endings

Layers Of Fear 2

Layers Of Fear 2 is a first-person, psychological thriller, a horror video game which is all about your choices and its consequences and the only leads are heard from the surroundings. The trails on the ground and a mysterious voice commanding you to envelop your story. What choices will you make? When there are no way out and a formless creature haunting you in the ship, whom would you listen? Yourself or the voice?

All the exploration and journey is a cover for your choices in Layers Of Fear 2. Some choices are provided with small and simple instructions without any suffice notice and consequences through a mysterious voice whispering into your mind. Obeying and Disobeying the choices will lead and forge your path to all alternate endings.

It’s assuring that you can replay the chapters instead of restarting the whole game to uncover the mystery. There are some crucial choices which you are free to make when you have full control of your actions and these choices are provided to you below:

Chapter 1

Choice #1: Shoot the woman on the right.

Choice #2: Shoot the man on the left.

Chapter 2

Choice #1: Take the meat from the dog.

Choice #2: Give up on meat and feed the dog.

The Choice #1 is provided to you by the director and Choice #2 is you can perform. Each depicts the alternate future of your form and there are 3 Alternate Endings which require you to either obey the Director’s command i.e. choose Choice #1 in both case. Obeying the Director’s voice would lead you to a Flame ending.

Disobeying the Director’s command both of the time would lead you to a Forever Ending and finally, if you obey in the first chapter and disobey in the second chapter would lead you to a Formless ending. Once you selected these choices, you can skip forward to the final Chapter 5 and complete to run all the endings.

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