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Pokemon Go- Lake Trio Azelf, Mesprit And Uxie Availability

Pokemon GO

In Pokemon Go, there are varieties and number of Pokemon who are used to catch daily and evolve to compete and raid. Joining the squads are now the three new legendary Pokemon which can be caught just like any other wild Pokemon. Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie are the three legendary Pokemon of the Lake Trio from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

It has been confirmed and experienced that unlike other legendaries, they are not available as Raid Bosses to whom you will need to fight. As they are of legendary rarity, the spawns are too low and you will need to especially lucky to collect one.

Though the rumors have spread wide and it has been confirmed that each of these legendaries is available in three regions. Uxie can be discovered in the wild of Asia-Pacific, Azelf in the America region, and Mesprit in Europe. Though the numbers are not sure and the availability period of these legendaries are not yet disclosed but they would keep on appearing on the Trainers phone for at least a month or maybe more as they see fit.

Pokemon Go

The Lake Trio was already hinted and the three big Go Fest events have been already decided that it will take place in Chicago, Dortmund in Germany and in Asia it is yet to be announced. Three different regions and three different Legendaries maybe are their way of teasing a main big event. The recent Pokemon’s Go Community Day will be held on May 19 where they will be introducing and adding Torchic, a Fire-Type from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Do not miss that! For more guides on Pokemon Go, click the following links mentioned below:

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