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Pokemon Sword And Shield- How To Get Dreepy Pokemon

Pokemon Sword And Shield

In Pokemon Sword And Shield, the main objective is to become the greatest Trainer and defeat all the gym leaders as well as complete the collection of wild Pokemon. Well, who would not fill all the list on Pokedex when you are in the world of Pokemon. Though you travel all the way from the beginning to the end and defeat the Leader but there is the possibility that you must have missed out few Pokemon as you can check it whether it is registered in your Pokedex. Among other Pokemon’s, Dreepy is one of the rare Pokemon who spawn at a specific location when the condition is met. If you are still searching for Dreepy then this guide might provide you what you are looking for.

Dreepy Spawn Location In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Dreepy can be found in the Lake of Outrage in between Route 5 and Route 6. Though it is easier than you know where this Pokemon spawns but if you have started the game then you might need to complete the sixth Gym challenge. As you might not cross the river and after completion of the sixth gym challenge and save a Scientist from two  Team Yell members on Route 9 which provides you with a bicycle that allows you to travel across the rivers. This bicycle is the key to reach the desired location i.e. Lake of Outrage.

Once you have obtained the bicycle, travel to the designated location during Thunderstorm, Foggy or Overcast weather. Dreepy is not an Overworld encounter which means that you will have to run around the grass to locate and check the exclamation mark to interact. Even the evolution of Dreepy i.e. Drakloak will be available in the same area and under the same weather condition as Dreepy. Though Dreepy is rare, it would be difficult to locate one, so you might have to search and spend your time in the same area for quite a long time. In order to register Dreepy and complete the list of Pokemon on your Pokedex, then you will have to break a leg. For more informative guides on Pokemon Swords And Shield, click on the following that has been mentioned below the description:

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