Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield- How To Get Gold Brilliant Aura Pokemon

Pokemon Sword And Shield

In Pokemon Sword And Shield, you might have come across various types of Pokemon and among them, there are elite Pokemon who emits Gold glowing aura are a wonder. This gold aura notifies that these Pokemon have higher stats and also consist of an Egg move which the regular Pokemon lacks. Due to higher stats, it is quite efficient and goal to catch them as early as possible but due to such massive advantage and boost they will provide to the Trainers, they are not easy to find. The Pokemon enveloped with Gold Brilliant Aura ensures and increases the chance of victory if you have even managed to capture one and use it in Battle.

Gold Brilliant Aura In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon with Gold Brilliant Aura are rare as we speak and they have already learned Egg Move which regular Pokemon can learn through Breeding. Even these Pokemon have their stats way up than the regular wild Pokemon. They are easy to spot as the golden aura is visible which is very hard to miss and can be spotted from distance.

Gold Brilliant Aura on a Pokemon also provides IV’s to the max. In order to catch these Gold Brilliant Aura Pokemon, you will need to catch and farm tons of Pokemon to increase the chance. These Pokemon are so rare that even finding and capturing one will change the Battle Prowess drastically. Other than catching all of the Pokemon in order to reset the spawn, there would be a very slim chance to even encounter it in the wild. There is no other way as these Pokemon spawns randomly and the RNG system may or may not favor you for an instance. For more guides on Pokemon Sword And Shield, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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