Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield- How To Farm Watts And Trade

Pokemon Sword And Shield

In Pokemon Sword And Shield, there is a currency i.e. used in the game to purchase items from the Traders or the NPC’s. The currency used in Pokemon Sword And Shield is known as Watts. Watts is not so easy to earn if you have started and so here we have made up a guide for those who want to earn Watts to purchase items from the NPC’s who are selling distinct items.

Watts Farming In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Eventually, when you start the game, the Watts which you have earned came from the Dens in the Wild Area. These Dens emits red light usually, but if you interact with the Dens Who have lost their glow will provide you with Watts. Interact with each Dens that you may encounter on your way and you will notice as you go on completing the story, the amount of Watts will eventually increase.

The amount of Watts you can earn from completing the story would keep on increasing but it will exceed when you participate in Max Raid Battle whose Den still glows. There are even more ways to earn Watts i.e. whenever you capture a Gold Brilliant Aura Pokemon, it will reward you with few Watts.

Watts Trading In Pokemon Sword And Shield

These Watts can be traded and used to purchase items from the NPCs. These NPCs offer Pokeballs, Wishing Pieces and Technical Records. However, they are distributed all over the map from Meetup Spot to Giant’s Seat and Cap. Still, there are few Traders or NPC who offers distinct item such as Pearls and Evolution Stone along with other items which might intrigue you.

You can visit Digging Duo who can be found at Bridge Field. Digging Duo is the Trader which trades Evolution Stone in an exchange of Watts. There is a Fisherwoman who offers Pearl in an exchange for Watts near the lake. Apart from these two other Traders offer almost the same item and if you are in need of Pokeball, then you can easily Trade it from them. For a more informative guide on Pokemon Sword And Shield, you can click on the link that has been provided below the description:

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