Railroad Tycoon 3

Railroad Tycoon 3- How To Play In LAN And Online Multiplayer Mode

Railroad Tycoon 3

Due to the GameSpy masters server’s which was currently offline, the Railroad Tycoon 3 has been his online multiplayer mode disabled. Finally, due to another client, it can be played online again. The recent new release of RT3Multiplayer client needs to be installed in order to play it online.

The download link of RT3Multiplayer client has been provided which can be used to download the client from GitHub and install it. After installing, you will simply need to make sure that all your friends have installed the same version of RT3Multiplayer client to join in the same server.


  • After downloading the client, run the installer.
  • After completing the installation, the admin needs to create a server which will not overwrite the old .exe file, data, and mods.
  • The server’s host needs to make sure that his/her UDP port 9000 opened in your router/modem settings.
  • Enjoy the game!

After installation and currently setting up the client will complete the process and you will need to just Run the game either on LAN and on Online mode to play with others. There would be a prompt message while running the game, whether to install DirectPlay which is necessary to play online.

The online game would start normally until it’s not installed in the game folder. You can check the error by typing a command on the chatbox i.e. “/game”. Though any problem about the server can be discussed on the Discord Server. The in-game chat is usually bugged most of the time which can be spammed with spacebar and Esc key to use it again.

Enjoy the Railroad Tycoon 3 along with your friends again as the new client has solved the problem. You can change the name of your profile by opening the client and after inputting “/reset” in the chatbox. Make sure the client is running in the background.

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