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Red Dead Online- Bounty Hunter Unlocking And All Bounty Kits

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits has to offer you three new profession i.e. Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector. These professions each have their own unique set of adventure and specific kits to go through with it. For all the PS4 owners might have their Butcher Table installed for free to live as a Trader or complete the collection of all 54 playing cards on GTA Online to obtain The Collector Pouch.

How To Become Bounty Hunter

Changing class or profession in Red Dead Online might be the best way to relieve your boredom and live the Clint Westwood life. If you want to be a Bounty Hunter, you can travel to Rhodes and go visit the Sheriff’s Office. Once you reach the Sheriff’s Office, you will find a Bounty Hunter who came to visit with a wagon full of dead Outlaws.

After the cutscene, you will be offered to get your own personal Bounty Hunter license and once you accept the role, you can expect specific rewards that are associated on each Rank. As you rank up and collect 2 Tokens for each rank up to Rank 20, Bounty Hunter Events, skills and few upgrades as mentioned below will be unlocked.

  • Rank 3- Targets Glow Red In Eagle Eye
  • Rank 4- Bounty Hunter Events
  • Rank 5- Reverse Spin Move With Single Pistol
  • Rank 6- Tonics Satchel Upgrade
  • Rank 7- Track Enemies While Sprinting and Galloping
  • Rank 8- Spin Up Move With Single Pistol
  • Rank 9- Satchel Kit Upgrade
  • Rank 12- Player Bounties
  • Rank 13- Reverse Spin Up Move With Single Pistol
  • Rank 14- Duck on Horseback
  • Rank 16- Eagle Eye Field Of View And Distance Increased
  • Rank 17- Alternating Pistol Flips With Single Pistol
  • Rank 20- Dual Pistol Spinning Move

Bounty Hunter Kits In Red Dead Online

Each class has four types of Kits such as Novice, Promising, Established, and Distinguished. These kits cost a lot of fortune and if you are willing to spend on it then you must prepare for oncoming hard work. Although these kits are too expensive, but who cares about the cost when you can look cool and customize your character with a more professional look.

Novice Kit
  • Guerrero Gun Belt: $125.00
  • Two Breton Horses: $150.00
  • The Wakeeny Outfit: $250.00
  • Reinforced Lasso: $350.00
  • Delgado Saddle: $525.00
  • Schofield Revolver Variant: $600.00
  • Viper Belt: 4 Gold
Promising Kit
  • The Bullard Outfit: $348.25
  • Bolt Action Rifle Variant: $350.00
  • Tracking Arrow Pamphlet: $500.00
  • Bounty Hunter Camp Theme: $700.00
  • Blackbone Ring: 5 Gold
Established Kit
  • Bolas: $30.00
  • Guerrero Off-Hand Holster: $93.75
  • The Garwood Outfit: $446.75
  • Two Breton Horses: $550.00
  • Bounty Wagon: $875.00
  • Undercut Layers Hairstyle: 2 Gold
  • Bullseye Gloves: 6 Gold
Distinguished Kit
  • “I’m Watching You” Emote: $200.00
  • The Carthage Outfit: $545.00
  • Two Breton Horses: $950.00
  • Redheart Eyepatch: 10 Gold

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