Risk of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2- Focus Crystal Buff And Boost Effects

Risk of Rain 2

In the Risk Of Rain 2, new Skills Update 2.0 has introduced tons of new interesting contents and among them, new Focus Crystal is a common item irrelevant to any challenges. You can obtain it from any loot boxes or crates i.e. supposed to be unlocked by consuming gold. As you keep on eliminating all the enemies and climbing up the level, the gold drop will allow you to easily unlock the chests during your gameplay.

The game revolves around the items, so as you have accumulated the best item during your run which will let you clear the stages efficiently. There are various items which is compatible for certain stages and survivors but Focus Crystal can be obtained easily and can be used in any circumstances by any survivors.

Focus Crystal Buff

As mentioned earlier, you can unlock the loot crates in order to obtain Focus Crystal. Focus Crystal allows the survivors to increase their damage up to 15% in a 13-meter radius. This specific item can be stacked together to provide an extra 15% increased damage per stack which is pretty decent for all survivors when dealing with close proximity or mobs.

For Loader, Focus Crystal is a blessing and it stacks decently with his abilities as he is a melee combatant. Similar Survivors, such as Mercenary users will also find it fascinating and as the stage goes up, the use of Focus Crystal for all the survivors will become a necessity. For more guides on Risk Of Rain 2, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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