Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher- How To Collect All Fire Ornaments Only

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is an Action, Simulation game developed by Monomi Park. After the update of Party Gordo, Fire Ornament was added in Slime Launcher which can be collected as we collect other ornaments in Slime Launcher.


Ornaments are the decorative objects which can be obtained by playing time-limited events. You have to feed Party Gordo until he burst out some gifts which contain the ornaments. These ornaments are random and mostly you have to focus on Pink Slime first. Feed them some food and pull them on Slime stage. Pull them back to the Pen where you can keep it. These ornaments can be collected and if you are lucky you might get the desired ornaments in bulk or any random ornaments. The first ornaments which drop out potentially after breaking the boxes will most likely decrease other ornaments drop rate to 0.

Fire Ornaments:

As mentioned earlier the drops are random, if you are lucky you might get fire ornaments in bulk. Feeding Party Gordo is not difficult because they whatever they are fed but getting a hold of Pink Slime (wearing sunglass, and hat), and pulling them back might prove to be troublesome. Bursting the Party Gordo also drop a rare ornament which you can collect along with the other ornaments. You can check on Fandom Wiki every week as they update which ornament is available and learn more about the locations and events. Once notified complete your preparations and advance forward to catch ’em all!

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