Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Splitgate: Arena Warfare- Creating A Death Portal Guide

Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Splitgate: Arena Warfare has recently released on Steam and it is noticeable that Legionnaires like us are too addicted to it. The bold use of your Portals for teleporting yourself and your teams in front of enemies can sometimes be useful or become a double-edged sword.

Using Portals in front of enemies line of sight should be avoided until you are all in. The most strategic way to use your portal in a situation would be to use it on slopes, raised platform, and ceilings. You will need to distract and intimidate enemies with your smart plays as they will never know what and how they will get hit.

Why we should avoid the line of sight is an unnatural question because similar to any other FPS games, we would like to minimize our body exposure and peek through passive angles. In Splitgate: Arena Warfare you can create your own passive angles with the help of your portal and shooting the hell out of them from the distance. You will need to be careful as they can also shoot you from your portal which is why it still remains as a double-edged sword.

Though you will have the advantage as you can position yourself in the corner with minimal exposure while the enemies are exposed completely and all will come down to your reflex. As the game is too fast-paced and simply jumping and strafing is not enough to survive in the harsh environment. You will need to take better account of your surroundings as you might also get flanked with the same tactics.

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