The Division 2

The Division 2- All Hunters Summoning Locations And Collecting Masks

The Division 2

In The Division 2, there are tons of collectibles to be discovered. One of this collectible is Hunter’s mask which you can acquire from defeating the hidden bosses There is a total of 12 secret bosses who potentially drop hunter mask when defeated which you can check them in your base. Yeah, you heard it right we can summon one of these bosses and defeat him to get a hunter mask. These bosses don’t naturally appear along with other enemies. To summon them you will have to activate some points or do some kind of ritual or taunt.

The bosses are very tricky to be summoned, so we have provided a simple guide which you can follow. The instructions are provided below this description to spawn and fight against these hunters:

1st Hunter Location

Ghoul mask

The Division 2

You will need to travel to West Potomac Park which is near the Lincoln Memorial. Beside the road, you will see a manhole, drop down into the manhole and advance forward until you reach a big room inside where a laptop is placed. Interact with the laptop and you will notice the lightbulb is turned on focusing on the map. In the map, you can see 2 marked location. “X” is basically where you have to go and the “Crescent moon” sign indicates night.

Open the map and place your marker as shown in the map chart. In the designated location you will find a platform in the middle where the lightbulb will flicker (only at night). On the daytime, the lightbulb will be turned off hanging down. For the boss to be summoned you will need to shoot the bulb. As soon as the bulb is shot, a smokescreen will cover the platform and a lvl. 35 Hunter will appear. You will need to eliminate him to collect his hunter “Ghoul” mask.

2nd Hunter Location

Wraith mask

The Division 2

You will need to travel to the far East of the map to the Southwest. You will have to reach the streets named Ramp and Interstate 395 BN. You will notice a safehouse in the map beside Interstate 395 BN where the Memorial is placed.

You will have to destroy the spotlight which is focusing on the memorial. After destroying face towards the Memorial and salute for 6-8 times. This will trigger and summon the Hunter in the midst of smoke. You will have to defeat the hunter to collect his hunter “Wraith” mask.

3rd Hunter Location

Cross, Death and Diamond Mask

The Division 2

You will need to travel towards East of the map to reach East Mall as shown in the map below Federal Triangle. You will notice a Christmas tree in the middle of the mall. Move towards West from the center of the mall to a small building. You will see a counter and beside it will be the lever.

Pull the lever and move back towards the Christmas tree in the center. Circle around the Christmas tree 2-3 times which will trigger the summoning of Hunters. This might get ugly as there will be 3 Hunters spawned together each having different weapons and moveset. You will have to defeat them to collect their Hunter “Cross”, “Death”, and “Diamond” mask. Note: During Night Time in The Division 2.

4th Hunter Location

Phantom mask

You will have to encounter these 3 Hunters all together which we have mentioned above. Run and jump over the other side of the fence to encounter another Hunter. Killing this Hunter allows you to collect his hunter “Phantom” mask.

5th Hunter Location

Demon mask

The Division 2

You will have to move towards East from the White House to Downtown East as shown in the map. Advance forward through an escalator and resurface up in the center of the buildings. You will notice vegetations growing and rocks are placed on the platform.

Climb up to the platform where vegetations have grown and look up to the windows on West. You will notice 4 shooting targets which you will have to shoot from top to bottom. Shooting them in the top to bottom order will summon the Hunter. You will have to defeat a Hunter to collect his hunter “Demon” mask. Note: During daytime in The Division 2.

6th Hunter Location

Midas, and Revenant mask

The Division 2

You will have to move towards West from the White House on West End as shown in the map. You will reach a private pool in some hotel. Defeat all nearby enemies before summoning the Hunters.

Stand on the center of the pool beside a box facing towards the camera. Perform some exercise which will summon 2 Hunters at the same location. You will have to defeat these 2 Hunters to collect their respective Hunter “Midas”, and “Revenant” mask.

7th Hunter Location

Crimson Mask

The Division 2

You will need to travel to the North-East of the map to Downtown East as shown in the map below the stronghold. Face towards South and move inside the building where you will find a computer on the ground floor.

Interact with the computer and move towards North onto the opposite building where you will find a phone to interact on the ground floor. Interacting with these two respectively will trigger the summoning of another Hunter in the midst of smoke. You will have to defeat the hunter to collect his hunter “Crimson” mask.

8th Hunter Location

Ghost Mask

The Division 2

You will need to travel to the West Potomac Park as shown in the map. You will need to capture the Washington Monument to access the point. After capturing the point you will need to check the time. It is only available after 19:00, go inside the monument and drop down from the elevator shaft to the basement. Behind the stone grave, you will find a button to interact.

Interact with the button which will turn on the TV screen showing you 3 different points. Mark those points on the map and travel to those points as specified in chronological order. Once you reach the point, you will notice that there will be small graves. Position yourself in front of the grave and salute, you will notice a small static effect on your UI which means you did it correctly.

Repeat the same procedure on the other 2 points and move back to the Washington Monument and interact with the same button again. You will notice a big circle on your screen which indicates everything is going smoothly.

The Division 2

As shown in the map reach the designation where you will find yourself inside Monument Field Hospital. Look to the West and there will be a Hunter on the roof of far end building near Crane. Unlike other Hunters, this will be hiding from your presence. Eliminate him with your sniper under a damage boost effect. Note: Kill the Hunter in one-shot.

If you miss the shot or unable to kill him, he will flee and reposition himself to another vicinity in the area. You can restart the killing process by again going to the chamber inside Washington Monument next night and interact with the button. Note: Only at Nighttime.

Killing the Hunter will award you with his Hunter “Ghost” mask.

9th Hunter Location

Specter Mask

The Division 2

Triggering the previous interacting panel will also spawn a Hunter on the roof at the marked location. Reach the marked location as shown in the map and eliminate a Hunter. This Hunter will be like the previous one hiding from you and your teammate’s presence. Eliminate him in one-shot and you will collect his Hunter “Specter” mask.

These masks are a wearable accessory in The Division 2 which you can boast to your friends after eliminating these hunters ahead of them. These hunters are tough to kill, so be sure that you have enough resources before initiating a fight against them.

For more guides on The Division 2, you can check out the link below this description:

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