The Division 2

The Division 2- Trophy “Dark Zone: Safe House” Guide And Location

The Division 2

In The Division 2, Thieves and Bandits also have their Safe House from where they gather together and plan to capture the city. All of the alleys and buildings are not safe, they can be inside anywhere. You can find their safe house after hacking SHD Network Terminals, though you will be tagged as Rogue.

One of the Trophy can be unlocked by searching their safe house which we have described briefly below this description. You can unlock this Trophy at any point of the mission.

Dark Zone: Safe House

Access a hidden safe room in a dark zone.

Open the map and locate any Dark Zone that is not occupied. You will need to find an SHD Network Terminal that can be hacked. Hack any of the SHD Network Terminal which can be found in the side alleys or building walls.

Hacking any of the SHD Network Terminal turns you into a rogue and show the location of another hackable SHD Network Terminal. You will need to reach the waypoint shown in grey skull icon on the screen and hack till the progression is 100%.

The Thieves safe house can be located by hacking these SHD Terminals and the hacking progression is shown on the top of your screen. Mostly you will need to hack 10 SHD Network Terminals. After hacking all the 10 of these SHD Terminals, open the map and all of those entrance is shown to you. Enter one of these entrances to unlock your new Trophy. Note: This trophy can be earned in any unoccupied Dark Zone.

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