The Division 2

The Division 2- Trophy “Undressed To Kill” Guide And Locations

The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft which has been released on 15 March 2019. The online third-person shooting game where you have to take a role of any character and save your civilization from the bandits. The story takes place in Washington DC, seven months after its predecessor game where you can save the country along with your team.

The game contains 43 Trophy which will be awarded when you accomplish certain task related to the Trophy. One of the Trophy i.e. associated with killing the Tank is “Undressed To Kill”. Players might face difficulty completing this Trophy, so we have provided a simple guide to achieve it just below this description.

Undressed To Kill

Destroy every piece of a tank’s armor, then eliminate the tank.

As per the instruction you have to kill a tank before stripping all of his armor. Easily said than done because the tank may die before you take out all his armor piece. Make sure you are playing solo for this achievement.

Their health can be checked on the icon above their head. Use weapon who don’t have much piercing property like SMG, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, and Pistol. Destroy first part of the armor and change your target to another body piece. You can notice if you are hitting the armor, the damage indicated will be green floating color.

The best mission to complete this Trophy would be on the Main mission “American History Museum” on Story Mode. During your main mission, you will encounter a tank that throws grenades at you. You must eliminate all of the enemies before engaging against the tank. After eliminating all of the enemies, pull out your SMG or Pistol to destroy the armor. After destroying all of the body parts i.e. vest, helmet, 2 leg piece, and 2 arm piece, you can kill him to achieve the “Undressed To Kill Trophy”.

You can always achieve this trophy on other missions too but this might be the easiest level where you can focus on your objective to undress his armor without any interruption. You will just need to dodge his grenades and bullets. Note: Do not kill him before stripping his armors off his whole body.

For more guides on The Division 2, you can check out the link below this description:

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