The Division 2

The Division 2- What is Stash And How To Increase Storage Capacity

The Division 2

In The Division 2, you can collect as many weapons, equipment, resources that will be useful to you in your progression of the mission. As you collect all the heavy weapons, the storage space decreases which may hinder your game and then you have to focus on collecting only useful items. Less spare ammunition and healing items might make your game experience much challenging but hinder your resources.

Stash Size Perks Advantage

You can increase the Stash size to solve these problems or be choosy if you don’t wanna invest on Stash Perks. Well, there are 3 Stash Perks, each of them increasing your capacity to store the drops and loots. Every Stash will be unlocked in chronological order i.e.:

  • Stash 1: Increase Stash storage capacity by 20 slots.
  • Stash 2: Increase Stash storage capacity by 30 slots.
  • Stash 3: Adds up your Stash storage capacity by 50 slots.

These perks can be purchased from the Quartermaster who can be found in the White House. Select onto the Perks Tab and purchase the Stash that is available to you to the max Stash 3. To upgrade these perks SHD Techs are consumed, so use it cautiously as you might need another perk more than the Stash perk at the instant. If you are facing some storage capacity issue then go for this perk.

SHD Tech is awarded to you when you complete main mission, side missions in The Division 2. You can also obtain SHD Techs from the hidden locations and leveling up.

For more guides on The Division 2, you can check out the link below this description:

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