The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2- How To Solo Escape And Game Mechanics

The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2 is a simulation game of a prison break where you have to survive and plan out your escape route. The Prison has it’s own set of rules and jobs, the job is displayed below the time and map. The heat increases as you violate the rules and miss activities at a scheduled time as mentioned. In this guide we are going to mention you few escaping tricks which can be used and essential to do the fast run or escape on the first day, but first the basics.

The Escapists 2 Game Mechanics

Roll Call at the beginning and at the end of the day is the most important feature which allows the guard to catch whether a prisoner is trying to escape and initiate an immediate lockdown. So, it is essential to attend the roll call and move out after your roll call has been marked.

Item Gathering

One of the most important tasks is to gather a few important objects which can be used to craft items that are used to escape the prison when you have achieved the required Intelligence. Intelligence can be increased by reading the books which consume your Energy or Stamina. Energy can be replenished by drinking a can of soda or eating foods. Even resting on a chair or bed replenishes the Energy quickly.

There are various ways to escape the prison which involves by rather forcing out or escape in stealth. You can craft uniform or find an uniform in any random boxes throughout the prison. Remember the inventory is not checked until the heat increases and the suspicious guards come and beat you up to search. This will result in loss of all your belongings but if you can store it in your prison cell, then the items are safe and can be used when the time to escape comes.

There are various stages and each stage has unique escape routes. For example- Center Perks 2.0 has a film crew. You can disguise as one of these crews with suitable equipment and sneak out with them when there filming ends at the end of the day after roll call. Wait for the film crew to approach the main gate, where you can hide near any empty rooms and walk out without raising any alarm.


Similarly, you can choose to increase your intel or find any specific items in The Escapists 2 which can be used to help you bust out from the prison according to your plan. Jobs are necessary to obtain metal sheets or timber and even accepting the request of fellow inmates allows you to earn specific items and coins that can be used in your purpose. There are various sellers in the prison and these items which are for sale randomly change daily. So, if you are not successful at Day 1, then the next Day might be something for you.

Rest assured, you can even beat up the Officers and it is wise to attack them after collecting offensive weapons. After beating the officers, you can collect keys, or uniforms, or any belongings of them to escape the Prison. There are multiple ways to escape, the one to choose relies solely on you. You can even play multiplayer and work with your fellow friend to break out of prison and complete all the stages.

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