The Mosaic

The Mosaic- How To Complete The Milestone And Complete Story Plot

The Mosaic

The Mosaic is currently available to the Apple Arcade user and this game leads you to an environment where the protagonist is socially deprived and broke. The ratings and social life are in dire shape but he has to wake up every single day and complete the daily chores in order to leave his apartment to complete the task. In this guide, we will basically explain to you how to complete and reach the milestone fast.

How To Complete The Milestone In The Mosaic

When you trigger the work-related job in the melancholy world, you will find yourself stuck on a screen with a milestone to reach i.e. indicated on the left bar. In order to complete the task, you will have to drag up your extractors which will form an enclosed hive-like structure. To ensure that, you can first drag left and right from the main Extractors to create more sub-Extractors.

Once you drag the main Extractor and create more sub-extractors, now you can focus on building up the hive to reach the Milestone. At a later point, you will find a threat interfering with your task which you can focus on and trap it inside the hexagonal structure. Rest assured, you will need to build up a foundation and connect all the lines to reach the milestone and complete the task to continue your story.

Complete Story Walkthrough

The Mosaic depicts the story of a regular person who is stuck in a small apartment and go out to work in an office every single day. The goldfish reminds and encourages him as well as shows him what his life is missing. The protagonist wanders around the road playing Blip Blop or checking his bank balance. The story hints at you and provides various artists in the game playing instruments.

The protagonist walks into the office late and his salary deducted, already feeling misfortune he breakthrough control room and climb out of the society to free himself. While climbing the yellow threat which we have entrapped inside the boxes is freed which indicates that it wasn’t a threat, it was him all way along. Finally, he destroys the shackle of his work-related life and becomes an artist where he could enjoy his life and make new friends.

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