Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms- All Type Of Units Traits And Abilities Guide

Total War Three Kingdoms

In Total War Three Kingdoms, you can check and view units and characters abilities to perform devastating damage and tactics to wear off enemies and deal a pretty good blow. All these abilities are noted down when you take your cursor on the icon of characters and units. These innate abilities would allow them to perform certain actions according to their types.

In this guide of Total War Three Kingdoms, we have mentioned all those types of innate abilities which each unit and characters have mastered and work during the battle. You can even strategize your units and characters according to the preferable position during the battle.

Types Of Abilities


All Units and Individuals sharing the same trait will hold their ground and brace for the impact of the charged enemies. They can block all the charge damage to the units while due to impact few units will be knocked down. These units serve their purpose defending all charge attacks against facing spear or spike units. Their formation remains unfazed and can hold better ground.

Charge Reflection Vs Mounted

All Units and Individuals who have braced, spear and pike units gain charge reflection Vs the mounted traits and triumph them on all possible situations. Countering and reflecting impact damage back to the charged units make them undeniably the Vanguards in the battle.


These units tend to recover morale during the battle and their unwavering resolve negates all the morale penalty even if the general and champions are losing a battle. Disciplined troops remain unfazed and recover their morale while routing.


These units with the encourage trait build up the morale of the nearby units from their battle roar and presence. Units close to the units who have to encourage trait tends to lose morale slowly and enhance them to a certain limit.

Fire Backward

When the unit is commanded they will start firing arrows and projectiles in any direction, though their positions do not change while firing projectiles.

Fire While Moving

When the unit is commanded they can move freely and fire arrows in any direction which make them a perfect choice while charging and attacking the rear of the formation.

Guerrilla Deployment

The mobile units who are initially deployed on the white zone of the battle to invoke all the opponent’s attack towards themselves while reducing the casualties from the damage. These deployments tend to anger the opponents leading them to charge towards you.

Hide In Forest

These units who share the current trait will tend to hide and disappear from the enemy radar until they leave the forest. They are perfect for ambushing enemies and pincer the units from front and rear.

Immune To Scare/Terror

These units who develop the trait to be immune from scare and terror will not flee and lose any morale to any nearby units. Morale reduction is negated and cannot be tinkered.

Immune To Fatigue

These units do not suffer from any fatigues during battle.


Units and individuals who have the current trait tend to charge at nearby units without being ordered and deal bonus damage at a charge.


The units and Individuals who are Raider and share the same trait are impatient during battle. They will destroy and hurl burning components at nearby buildings when they are in standby in town and resource battle. They tend to destroy everything in the path.

Resistance To Heat

The units and individuals who have resistance to the heat can survive and prolong the duration of battle without affected by fatigues in dry regions.

Run Amok

These units and individuals who share the current trait may become uncontrollable and attack all units even allies when they are in combat range.


Units and Individuals sharing the scare trait tends to lose and drain the morale of themselves and nearby units at a certain time.


These Units and Individuals drains all the morale of their own and nearby units at a considerable amount of speed and they tend to break the formation and flee away.


The Units and Individuals who have an undeniable unbreakable trait will not waver and complete their given command until they die. Their morale does not lessen and cannot be routed.

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