Total War Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdoms- Guide For All Types Of Battles

Total War Three Kingdoms

In Total War Three Kingdoms, you might have started the campaign where an army has to engage and attack a settlement to defeat and progress far into the territory. These war lies and organized by several categories which have their own independent value and importance.

In this guide, we have mentioned all the different types of battles which might occur and had to encounter in the battlefield. War is not a mindless act of battle, you will need to strategize and ace all your battlefield as all the victories will grant you advantage.

Types of Battles


An Ambush Battle is much of a formation breaking battle where you will need to strategize and wait for the enemies to advance. When the enemies are ambushed, they will need to defend the army despite being in a tactical disadvantage. To triumph, an Ambush battle is to successfully defend the ambush attack and eliminate them swiftly which in another case is not simple by any means as your formation is broken. You can also counter the ambush by prioritizing your army to retreat at an extraction point for success.


During Encampment Stance, if a troop is attacked, an encampment battle will start where the defender will deploy within a walled wooden encampment. These entry points are limited accompanied by arrow towers fortified within the encampment.

Land Battle

The land battle ensues between two armies in an open land where the generals can challenge a duel with each other or strategize and eliminate the opposition army or make them surrender. There are plenty of different terrains and open land where the battle takes place to control and deploy a various range of units.

Resource Battle

This Resource battle occurs in town or a resource center where the minor settlements of a country produce enough resources which might benefit your whole army. Farms, towns, mines and many more are the targets who suffer the calamity of war. Towns and Resource battles offer barricades for the defender to be deployed and access the garrison troops for defense.

Siege Battle

A Siege battle occurs when the big settlement or guarded city are under the commandery capital is attacked. These attackers can build Siege Equipments after besieging the settlements for the number of time which can be resolved when your army has artillery. Enemies can deploy defenders and barricades to prevent the attempt of Seige. Though the walls crumble over time and your panel will provide with the construction of siege equipment to penetrate the city.

Once captured by force or enemies surrendered, you will need to rebuild the buildings and infrastructures which has been damaged during the process of siege. There are various outcomes where the defender may choose to surrender or they can sally out and engage the attackers or the attackers can choose to break the siege. For more guide on Total War Three Kingdoms, click the link below the description:

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